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Brief presentation of the member

Signal Cruncher GmbH is a subsidiary of prudsys AG and benefits from many years of experience in the field of algorithm development. Founded in 2016 in Berlin, we offer the XELOPRO (XELOPES Processor), a revolutionary product for automated decision-making.
The XELOPRO is a compact self-learning agent who learns from the interactions with the environment to make independent decisions.
Founder and Managing Director Dr. Michael TheƟ brings outstanding skills and many years of experience in the research and development of real-time analysis algorithms. He is the author of several scientific books, including the book Realtime Data Mining, which presents the new principles of Realtime Analytics.

Products and activities within the context of Smart Home and Connected Life

Our product XELOPRO (XELOPES processor) is an integrated and universal system for real-time analysis and decision making. Due the increasing networking of all devices ("Internet of Things"), the XELOPRO is useful wherever decisions have to be made autonomously and self-learning.

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Signal Cruncher GmbH
Franz-Jacob-Str. 2A
10369 Berlin

Claudia Becker
Tel.: +49-30-978978-45 / +49-176-64481515